Toddler Program

The Importance of Daily Routines....................


Your toddler's day at Evergreen is filled with learning experiences and routines that are important to your child's growth and development. Your toddler is turning into an independent person who can and wants to do many things for him/herself. Here in our "Chimp" group, our daily routines are a big part of your child's day and every routine is an important learning experience. Listed are some examples of our daily routines and what your toddler learns by having these experiences in his/her life:


     Our mealtimes are social times where we talk about our food or the events of the day. The toddlers in our group are encouraged to pour their own drink, serve and feed themselves food, and help clean up when they are done. The social setting of mealtimes promotes your child's development of social skills like turn-taking in conversations with friends.

     Diapering and Toileting:

     Diapering/toileting times are handled in a relaxed and comfortable manner. We recognize that each child is an individual and we look for signs of readiness to start the process of toilet learning. Your child's awareness of his/her body will lead to toilet learning when he/she is ready.


     Napping starts approximately 12:45 and each child sleeps on his/her own mat in a secure and comfortable environment. Having a consistent naptime routine helps your child feel safe and confident, which again will foster your child's sense of self and independence.


     At Evergreen, your toddler's day is filled with routines and learning experiences that are consistent and predictable. In knowing what is expected of him/her your child is less likely to be frustrated or confused and thus feels a sense of accomplishment and success.



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