Our philosophy at Evergreen Learning Center is based on respect and appreciation for each child and each family that we serve. We are committed to providing a high quality program that is developmentally appropriate for children 18 months to 6 years, with after school kindergarten care available. We recognize that learning happens most effectively through respect for each child and responsive relationships between child and adult.

     Our approach to learning emphasizes all aspects of the child's development, thus promoting 'the whole child'. The social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative aspects of each child's experience is encouraged through hands-on activities from which a child can absorb new information and learning. We strive to empower children with the language of their feelings as they work and play with one another. We are very committed to the concept of cooperative conflict resolution.

     Our philosophy has a strong basis in respectful and cooperative relationships between adults and the children in their care. There is a direct and ongoing link between caregivers, parents, children and the environment and we believe that within this circle, learning takes place.

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